06 Jul. 19

Water Or War : In The Hands Of Common People.

Have you heard of a country named Libya, Western Sahara, Yemen, Djibouti or Jordan? If no, let me tell you that these are the top 5 counties which are facing water crisis to such an extent that their countries economy has dropped down extensively in the last decade.

Happy that India is not one of them?? Let me give you one more good news, India did not come in the list of top 39 countries which are facing water scarcity issued by World Resources Institute.

Now, what if I say that in the last 4 years 13000 Indians (whom we call our brothers and sisters) died just because of the scarcity of fresh drinking water? Also, you would love to hear that there are reports of committed murders just because there was no water to drink.  According to research done by “Thomson Reuters Foundation” by the year 2030, more than 50% of Indians(more than 750million Indians) will not access to fresh drinking water. Still happy?

AND, Government of India is not at all responsible for this, we the Indian common man are only and only responsible for all this wastage. Want to know how a common man is responsible for the entire crisis? Have a look at this calculation.

On an average because of human negligence, when we fill our overhead water tank we waste at least 2ltr per day per person.

A boy carries buckets to fill with water from a public tap amid an acute shortage of water, on the outskirts of Sanaa, Yemen, Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2015. The war has taken a heavy toll on Yemen. More than 4,000 people have been killed, and the humanitarian crisis has left the impoverished country on the brink of famine. (AP Photo/Hani Mohammed)

Water wasted per person in a month = 2ltr * 30 = 60ltr

Water wasted per person in an year = 60ltr * 12 = 720ltr

The population on India = 134crores, if we assume (which is not true) that only 70crore Indians fill their tanks and rest just depend on other sources.

Then, Water wasted by 70cr Indians = 504000000000 litres = 50400crore litres of water

Shocked? Surprised? 50400 crore liters of water wasted every year. And who is responsible?

We, the common man of India, if totally responsible for this loss and what do we do to solve this? Blame the government of India because we don’t want to do anything ourselves and just talk about the issue and blame Government of India.

Feeling guilty? Don’t! Don’t feel guilty if you still don’t want to make any change in yourself and make some changes to make this thing right.

What if I tell, there is a small step you can take to solve this problem and help save Indians from dying just because of water scarcity?

What if with a small one-time investment of 5,000-7,000rs you can save wastage of this water and help India not to ever come in the top water scarcity list on=f countries?

What if with a small investment of 5,000-7,000rs you can help India grow economically, help India grow financially, help India grow and rule over this world?

And what if with such a small investment you can give your children a better future, live your full life without taking tension of water scarcity, and enjoy your life.

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