19 May. 18

Tired of Getting early just to fill water tanks? Well, Here is a solution to your problem

As per an article in Navbharat Times, dated 18.May.2018. Many people living in the capital city of India have to get up early in the morning just to fill water for their daily needs. All this is just because of water conflicts between Delhi and Haryana.

Source: Navbharat Times, Delhi 18.May.2018

“Haryana is not supplying the same quantity of water in the Yamuna. As long as Haryana does not supply the same quantity, then there will be the water crisis in Delhi.” Says Sh. Dinesh Moniya (Vice President, Delhi Jal Board)

We at Arihant cannot solve the crisis but we can definitely help you get rid of all your worries related to filling up water tanks.

All you will need to do is to install a water level controller. A water level controller is a highly equipped electronic device which can be used as the level indicator, water level meter, level controller, and much more to ensure that as soon as the level of tank overflow arrives, it automatically stops the pump. Thus, making a rescue to the major problem of water tank overflow. These water level controllers are suitable for Apartments, household, offices complex, hospitals, hotels, factories, and all other places where there is a need for automation or a person is just involved in keeping an eye on the water level in the tank for turning on and off the water pump.

The water level controller also comes with various features such as dry run protection, Real time-based operation, 24 hours auto detection of supply line water, the motor automatically On and OFF preventing overflow of water. Thus, saving water, electricity and seepage problems.

The automatic water level controller for all pumps used on corporation/supply water line has the following advantages.


  • You can sit back and relax because there is no manual interruption required in these automatic water level controllers.
  • These water level controllers do not need any type of maintenance as they come along with maintenance free sensors which are not affected by heavy TDS.
  • These systems have auto on and off functions on the basis of minimum and maximum threshold levels.
  • The price is competitive and affordable at all.
  • These water level controllers can help you save a lot of money spent on your water/electricity bills and repairing charges (due to seepage problems)

Grab this opportunity of transforming your house apartment office complex or any other place into the high calls and effective place for water and electricity consumption. The automatic water level controllers can give you peace of mind by solving your problem of switching ON and OFF your pump daily.