23 Nov. 18

Benefits Of Investing In A Automatic Water Level Controller


The world is going digital and automatic day by day. Almost everything around us is now automatic with all latest technology fixed in it. This is where automatic water level controller comes in our daily life. As the name suggests it’s an automatic device that can be used to control or check the level of water and our motor or pumps can be managed accordingly.

This device can be very useful in industrial, domestic & agricultural fields. Industries which deals with liquids like soft drinks industries, water refilling industries, petrol companies and many more. They can use the automatic level controller while filling any types of liquid in the tank. Through this, the tank is filled correctly and wastage of water is avoided.

In agricultural fields, this device can play a vital role in watering the fields and save a lot of water from wastage. Farmers can use these systems to water their fields without going to the fields. Similarly, it is important in domestic purposes, like in water tanks and underground tanks where it is very difficult to keep an eye on the level of water. This machine allows the user to see the water level so accordingly pumps can be switched on or switched off. Places, where both husband and wife are working it gets very difficult to manage motor and pumps, by this device the pump will get automatically off when the tank gets full. Thus, helping them tank full of water when they reach home.

General features:

This device of automatic water level controller comes in a wide range as per the usage. It can act as a level indicator or fully automatic which is very famous nowadays. People prefer the automatic one as it turns on the water pump when there is a requirement of water in the tank and switches it off when the tank gets full. Best thing in this device is that the motor/ water pump is automatically turned on when the level of water in the tank is below the prefixed level (say25%) and turned off when the underground tank gets empty or the overhead tank gets filled up.

Most attractive thing is that you can even set this device timely, this means there are some places where water supply is time bounded it comes one hour in morning and evening. Automatic water level controller can be programmed for pumping at set times. It will automatically switch on at the time water comes and fill the tank as per our need. This will ensure your water need is fulfilled.

Using the automatic water level controller in our daily life have many advantages for us:

  • Electricity: Motor or our pumps will operate only for a fixed time, so the excess use of electricity will be saved and this will also reduce the electricity bills.
  • The overflow of tanks: Getting accurate knowledge of our level of water in tanks by the automatic water level controller will never allow water to get overflow.
  • Seepage problems: Overflowing water causes seepage problems on roofs which can even cause serious damage to the structure. Controlling overflow will stop all seepage problems.
  • Increases the life of pumps: Pumps gets damaged if operated dry. By this device, you will able to know when the underground tank gets empty. This will avoid operating the dry pump.
  • No Human Interference required: the automatic water level controller does not require any kind of human interference as the motor/pump is automatically switched on and off depending upon the level on of water in the tank.