Fully Automatic for Corporation / Water Supply Line (AQUA-EL)

Product Description:

Fully Automatic water level controller (AQUA EL) suitable for Corporation / Water Supply Line to Overhead / Underground water tank (clear water) for controlling the water overflow. 


  • The pump will start automatically when the tank gets empty (a prefixed level) If water is available in Corporation / Water Supply Line
  • The pump will stop when the tank gets full (a prefixed level) or when there is no water in Corporation / Water Supply Line
  • The pump can be operated directly through the bye-pass switch
  • The full and empty level can be changed easily
  • The System can be installed for multiple numbers of tanks
  • It will reduce the amount of our electricity and water bills
  • It will increase the life of the water pump/motor
  • It will reduce the seepage problem
  • The system is compatible to work on the tank of up to 2 lacs liters
  • It will work 24×7 with a negligible consumption of electricity
  • All the Accessories are Fitted in Powder Coated Cabinet


  • This system is available with food grade sensors (Magnetic Sensor, SS Sensor – Grade 316, Lead Float Sensor)


  • Supports all types of Water Tanks and Water Pumps/Motors
  • Used in Water, Milk, Diesel, Petrol, Chemicals, Many More
  • Used in Home, Offices, Factories, Malls, Hotels, Theaters, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals

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